After Sale Service

After Sale Service

One of Eltaş's principles is to provide long-lasting transformers to its customers.

Our customers can still rely on the support of our experts even after the Transformer leaves the factory. We gladly carry out the shipment, installation, and commissioning at the request of our customers.

We are able to provide after sale services without any problems all over the world, including countries: USA, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Mexico etc.

Besides, we offer our customers many different services to ensure reliable, error-free operation of our transformers throughout their entire life cycle.

While our professionals from Eltaş Academy can provide training courses in all areas of our transformers, our Transformer Lifecycle management addresses all issues and questions that arise during operation, from oil analysis and diagnostics, online monitoring, maintenance, and repair to fast and reliable spare parts supply, repair and retrofit.

Our Professional Service team can provide services after installation or during on-site maintenance as following;

  • Supervisorship
  • Assembly and commissioning,
  • Electrical, insulation, isolation, and resistance tests,
  • Oil filling under discharge and vacuum,
  • Oil analysis and tests,
  • Analysis and tests of mechanical parts of transformers.

When there are problems that cannot be solved in the field, the service solutions that we can provide in our production facilities are as follows;

  • Coil, core change,
  • Repair or replacement of mechanical accessories,
  • Changing the safety tank,
  • Drying of active parts,
  • Renewal of insulation

For offer requests and detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact our Professional Service Team.