Special Transformers

Eltaş Transformer can produce Rectifier (Convertor) Transformers, which require qualified engineering and technical capacity and used to feed driver applications, in oil immersed or dry types.

Rectifier (Convertor) Transformers are used to control rotation speed and torque of electric motors.

These transformers;

  • Must be durable due to heavy duty operating conditions,
  • Must be designed with special technical solutions since harmonic frequencies increase thermal, mechanical and dielectric stresses,
  • Must have multiple secondary coils based on differing phase angles,
  • Must have reactive durability,
  • Must have low malfunction rate; and,
  • Provide consistent operation.

According to customer demand these systems are produced with electrostatic screening between primary and secondary coils with 6-12-18-24-36-48 pulse order.

In addition the devices are designed according to the harmonics data provided by the customer.

The main fields of use for such transformers include;

  • Railway Systems,
  • Mining Operations,
  • Cruise Ships,
  • Pump Stations,
  • Paper Mills,
  • Nuclear Power Stations,
  • Oil Refineries,
  • Crane Applications; and,
  • All industrial facilities requiring DC systems

With our experienced engineering staff and their qualification each product is carefully prepared and controlled in every stage from design to delivery.

As in all our productions, we act in awareness of our environmental responsibility, contributing to protection of our environment and the nature by using lower loss materials in productions of Rectifier (Convertor) Transformers.

In autotransformers, a part of or entire primary winding is used as secondary winding and both of the windings are exposed to same magnetic field. Generally, these transformers are used for starting asynchronous motors or for compensating the voltage drops occuring in the transmission and distribution networks and lines.

The advantages of autotransformers in proportion to two winding transformers:

  • Lightweight and the cost is inexpensive
  • Iron and copper losses are less
  • Efficiency is high
  • Regulation is good

Shunt reactors are used to compensate capacitive load created by the long energy transmission and distribution cables, by creating an inductive load. These transformers also improve the quality and efficiency of the energy grid by preventing excessive voltages. According to the customer requirements, it can be designed with voltage stages and/or power stages.