Transformer Preference for Eskişehir City Hospital is Eltaş

Ovit Tunnel going to be lighted

by ELTAŞ transformers

For Turkey's First City Hospital ELTAŞ

Transformers were preferred

Transformer Preference for

Ankara High Speed Train Station is ELTAŞ.

Transformer Preference for

T.C. Presidential Complex  is ELTAŞ

Dutch company Enexis electricity 

enpowered it's power with  ELTAŞ transformers

For Mecidiyeköy-Mahmut Bey Metro Line, 

ELTAŞ transformers were preferred.

Transformer Preference for 

İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport is ELTAŞ

  • Eltaş is on the top 100 company list which spent the most on Research & Development in Turkey. We are proud to contribute the development of the transformer industry.
  • We proudly announce that our first 100 MVA 154/33,6 KV Power transformer passed the Short Circuit Test with excellent results at Kema Laboratories