Company Profile

Company Profile

ELTAŞ TRANSFORMATÖR SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş., was founded by Mr. Ahmet GÜRE with 100% domestic capital in 1981. Since the day it was founded, it has adopted the basic philosophy of “always moving forward to reach to the best ” by using the elements of intelligence, science and technology.

In the integrated production facilities in İzmir Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone where all product groups of 60.000 m² and their complementary productions are included; Its production capabilities, supported by its modern, technological machines, equipment, software, a top management that does not lose its enthusiasm, the dynamism of its young staff and its solid engineering knowledge, contribute to ELTAŞ A.Ş. making a difference in the sector day by day.

ELTAŞ A.Ş. product portfolio includes; High Voltage Large Power Transformers up to 250 MVA at 420 kV upper voltage, Oil Immersed Small and Large Distribution Transformers, Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers up to 25 MVA at 36 kV upper voltage, Rectifier Transformers, Special Transformers and Reactors.

As ELTAŞ A.Ş. we have delivered each of our product on time knowing how cursial is the delivering schedules for our customers. The quality of our product is the highest in the sector with a very low margin of failure. Our colleagues in engineering, R&D, manufacturing and service departmenst are highly aware the importance of “Precisions” and “Delivery” on our deliveries.

Today, we are proud to represented and recognized with our quality more than 100 countries in sectors;

  • Power Transmission and Distribution Centres,
  • Industrial Facilities,
  • Off-Shore & On-Shore Wind Energy Power Plants,
  • Solar Power Plants,
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants,
  • Natural Gas Cycle Power Plants,
  • Electricity Charging Stations,
  • Smart City Projects,
  • Mining, Refinery and Data Centre Projects;
  • Infrastructure (Metro, High Speed Train, Bridge, Motorway, Tunnel) Projects;
  • Superstructure (Airport, Hospital, Shopping Mall) Projects.

ELTAŞ A.Ş. manufactures within the framework of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety management system. Our oil and dry type transformers have TSE and Gost-R (Russia) certificates.

Our dry type transformers have successfully completed the Environment (E2), Climate (C2) and Fire Behavior (F1) performance tests specified under IEC 60076-11 and TSE EN 60076-11. E2 (Environment) and C2 (Climate) tests have been carried out in KEMA-Netherlands laboratories, the test protocol number is 07/1424.

F1 (Fire Behaviour) test was performed at CESI-Italy laboratory under the test protocol number A8003390.

Our transformers of various powers, both oil and dry type transformers, have "Mechanical strength test against short circuits and thermal endurance test in short circuits" reports from KEMA, CESI, IPH, ZKU laboratories.

ELTAŞ laboratories were accredited in 2010 within the scope of TS EN ISO 17025:2017 standard; received the title of independent laboratory.

In addition, we are happy to share that our 1600 kVA, 34.5/0.4 kV dry transformer possessing an earthquake resistant construction has passed the tests performed at Virlab/Spain Seismic Test Laboratory in accord with EN 60068-3:3-1993 in the first run and the first test based on the IEC 60076-11 provision by the "Horizontal 0.5 g, vertical 0.4 g" acceleration figures stipulate under Tedaş specifications.

In addition to our test reports, we continue our certification with institutions like UL in the USA and CSA in Canada who test products, certify producers and generate and update safety standards in various industrial and commercial sectors, focusing on product safety across the world and serving as independent institutions for safety testing of new products and new technologies, and we continue to complete production processes of our transformers in accordance with the desired standards.

With our team and their qualifications, every product is prepared and controlled with great care from design to shipment. We act with the awareness of our responsibilities towards the environment in all our productions, and we try to contribute to the protection of our environment and nature by using products with reduced losses.

We have came to this day by producing in accordance with our own science and technique without compromising on quality. We will continue to contribute to the development of our country and our sector by taking our knowledge, experience, achievements and, most importantly with the trust and support of our clients and our esteemed stakeholders.

Our references are the guarantee of our word. We are honoured to serve you.
With our deepest respects,

Chief Executive Officer