• The UL Certification Process was completed successfully.

  • With more than 10.000 transformers we produced, We are in more than 80 countries; We are in everywhere where energy exist.

    • We earned the right to join the "Turquality Brand Support Program", the first and only state supported branding program in the world.
    • Accreditation scope of our Test Laboratories transitioned to TS EN ISO 17025:2017 Standard revision.
    • IEC 60076-1 Oil Immersed Type TSE Certificate of Conformity scope was updated to 250 MVA 420 kV.
    • We became entitled to Eco Design CE Certificate of Conformity in the IEC 60076-1 & 11 scopes.
    • Transitions to ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System revisions have been completed.
    • We have entered the list of top 100 Turkish companies investing the most in R&D.

  • We were certified as the 257th R&D centre of Turkey.

    • Completion of Aliağa Plant and start up the Power Transformer Production Capacity 20.000 MVA, product range up to 420 kV 250 MVA.
    • Our first 100 MVA 154/33,6 KV Power transformer passed the Short Circuit Test with excellent results at Kema Laboratories.
  • Starting the construction of new production facilities in March İzmir Aliağa Industrial Zone.

  • In the direction of our expansion strategy, we decided to make an investment in Aliağa Industrial Zone 60.000 m² area by increasing our capacity and gathering all production plants together.

  • Seismic (Earthquake Resistance) test report was implemented. 33 kV / 1600 kVA Dry Type Transformer was passed the tests in Spain Virlab labaratory.

  • Export revenue reached 50% of our total business volume.


    TS 18001 occupational health and safety management system was implemented.

  • We transitioned from Small and Medium Scale Business status to Large Scale Business status.

  • Test Laboratory received the title of accredited laboratory within the scope of TS EN 17025.

  • Second production plant at Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone was established and came up to total 17500 m² area.

  • Corporate Governance studies were started.

  • Begin of Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers production. Fibre glass technology was implemented by German consultants.

  • ISO 14000 Environmental Management System was implemented.

  • First exportation was realised.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System was implemented.

  • Oil Immersed Transformer mass production was started and TSE certificate implemented.

  • We established our first production facilities in an area of 5.000 m² in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone.

  • Eltaş was founded by Mr. Ahmet Güre with %100 National Capital on 07.01.1981 and started manufacturing and selling oil treatment plants and oil test devices.