Dry Type Transformer Test Laboratory

Dry Type Transformer Test Laboratory is able to perform routine, type & special tests of transformers up to 25 MVA 36 kV, according to IEC, IEEE, ANSI standards, domestic & foreign customer specifications.

Our laboratories were accredited under the TS EN ISO 17025: 2005 standard in 2010 and received the title of the independent laboratory. In 2019, the scope of accreditation switched to the revision of the TS EN ISO 17025: 2017 Standard.

Dry Type Distribution transformers, medium power transformers, earthing transformers, rectifier transformers, booster transformers, single-phase transformers & shunt reactors can be tested in Dry Type Transformer Test Laboratory.

The test room floor was covered by steel plate because the transportation of transformers to the test room is arranged by air cushion.

For Determination of Sound level, Test room is insulated for keeping background noise level as low as possible and designed as a faraday cage for partial discharge measurement.

In order to obtain the grounding resistance value below 0,5 Ω, grounding rods that connected to each other, piled under test room. Surface of test room was covered by steel plate that connected to grounding rods via accessible different points.

The following equipments are used in dry type transformer test laboratory for routine, type & special tests of transformers.

  • 100 kV, 30kVA 0,3A single-phase testing transformer
  • 400 kV, 20 kJ 4 stages lightning impulse generator.
  • 380Vac supplied, 120 kVA 0-380 Vac Variac
  • 630 kVA 0,38/0-5,0kV step-up transformer.
  • 37 kW – 75 kVA 50–150 Hz frequency converter generator.
  • 5 kV 400 A Transformer loss measurement system.
  • 160 kVA 36/0,4 kV step-up transformer.
  • 50 kV MPS Capacitive Voltage dividers.
  • MPS-TMG PD Measurement System.

List of routine tests for dry type transformers in our test laboratory:

  1. Measurement Of Winding Resistances (IEC 60076-11 Clause 14.2.1)
  2. Measurement Of Voltage Ratio & Check Of Phase Displacement (IEC 60076-11 Clause 14.2.2)
  3. Measurement Of Short-Circuit Impedance And Load Loss (IEC 60076-11 Clause 14.2.3)
  4. Measurement Of No-Load Loss And Current (IEC 60076-11 Clause 14.2.4)
  5. Applied Voltage Test (AV) (IEC 60076-11 Clause 14.2.5)
  6. Induced Voltage Withstand (IVW) IEC 60076-11 Clause 14.2.6)
  7. Partial Discharge Measurement.(IEC 60076-11 Clause 14.2.7)

List of type and special tests for dry type transformers in our test laboratory:

  1. Full Wave Lightning İmpulse Test (LI) (IEC 60076-11 Clause 14.3.1)
  2. Temperature-Rise Test (IEC 60076-11 Clause 14.3.2)
  3. Measurement of Sound Level (IEC 60076-11 Clause 14.4.2)