Our Quality and Environment Approach

Embracing the motto of "Power Created by Quality" since its first day, ELTAŞ has crowned the importance we afford in quality by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification we obtained in 1996.

Aiming to enshrine perfection in all aspects of our professional life, Eltaş A.Ş. has built its roadmap being inspired by the concepts of Creating Added Value for Our Customers, Creating a Sustainable Future, Developing Corporate Qualifications, Strengthening Creativity and Innovation, Dynamic Management with Visionary, Inspiring and Integrated Leadership and Success Through Employee Skills, and is committed to continue on its Path of Quality with the resolve to Continue Excellent Results.

In this scope, the company has certified its management systems, created a strong R&D structure to support creativity and innovation, expedited corporate development efforts, founded Eltaş Academy to improve employee skills and increased participation of employees through the Suggestion Review system.

Due to the rapid process of change across the world in both social and economic aspects, it is an unavoidable fact that the increasing pressures on the natural resources pose the risk of damaging natural structure of the world. The company adopts a sustainability approach embracing environmental protection and respect for the nature as the most important component of its vision and policy. Sustainability approach of Eltaş is shaped towards the goal of a better future by ensuring participation of more stakeholders on basis of economy, human, environment and social contributions. With this awareness, Eltaş is committed to strongly support environmental-social responsibility projects adding value for the society in addition to its contributions to economic and environmental sustainability, to take a leadership role in innovation and to further increase its efforts and contributions towards a better future. We continue our efforts to decrease waste, carbon emissions and consumption of power and water in both production stage and resulting products in order to use resources of our country in a more efficient manner and accept this one of our largest responsibilities against our country and our world.

Our Quality Certificates