As the 257th R&D centre of Turkey, ELTAŞ achieves the best results in transformers design using its expertise in conjunction with globally recognised and patented engineering software and programs.

Benefits of Engineering Tool :

  • Reliable design
  • Electrical stresses within safe limits
  • Optimized insulation structure
  • Low risk of failure
  • Long lifetime
  • Optimized tank design
  • Lower tank weight
  • Lower noise
  • Increased reliability

The Softwares We Use


System used for design and drawing of transformer tank, coolers and active part. Reduced lead time and increased accuracy.

ANSYS Workbench Engineering Software Simulation Program

ANSYS Structural package is provided with a transformer of mechanical design and optimization of mechanical parts with implementation of structural analysis.

Tension is determined in the transformers mechanical parts such as clamp, lama, sub hanger. Optimization of these parts is performed.

Also we can obtain information about transformers mechanical strength in earthquake by performing earthquake simulation with ANSYS environment.

ANSYS CFX module enables us to throw out extra heat in the transformer, determining cooling requirements and choosing proper cooling system.Using the results of analysis made by ANSYS Structural and ANSYS CFX modules is reflected in the results of ANSYS Maxwell's with electrical analysis results. ANSYS Maxwell 3D packaged software enables to examine magnetic field and magnetic flux distribution in the coil and core of the transformer, calculation of the transformer core losses, winding and core optimization, calculation of electromagnetic forces on the coil, distribution of the coil and heat the core, examination of electrostatic field distribution on the coils and specify design parameters.

Programs which developed by Eltaş Transformatör

Power and Distribution Transformers Core Account Program
Provides to clarify the dimensions according to optimum diameter of core specified and prepare cut-to length forms.

Electrical Distribution Transformers Account Program
Provides of preparing electrical calculations, iron, copper losses and calculating UK, to determine physical size, preparing forms which will transfer to production.

Distribution Transformers Mechanic Calculation Program
With the data received from electrical calculation program, calculation heat flow and cooling, selecting appropriate wave wall or radiator.

Also by AUTODESK Inventor program, it will be modeling in 3-d drawings. All drawings and material lists (BOM) will be transferred by CANIAS ERP to our production.

Our Special Softwares

  • Calculation of two-dimensional plane or axissymmetric electrostatic field.
  • Calculation of impulse stresses on main and longitudinal insulations of Transformers.
  • Definition of impulse voltages between any points of windings.
  • Calculation of transformer tanks, yoke beams and pressing rings for mechanical strength at Short circuit, Pressing, Lifting, Vacuuming and Transportation modes.
  • Calculation of electrodynamic stability of transformer windings at short circuit.