Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

ELTAŞ Transformer; Oil and Dry Type Power and Distribution Transformers, It carries out its administrative activities in Çigli Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, design, production, customs, foreign trade, logistics, management and administrative organization activities in Aliaga Organized Industrial Zone in accordance with the needs and expectations of domestic and foreign customers and related parties. While planning these activities;
Our customers, with our product quality, qualified human-resource, technical support and after sales services,
Our sector, with decision taking processes depending on data in accordance with our modern and renewed technology, background information and strategies,
Our shareholders with our collaboration with our suppliers, our productivity, our investments and our competitive capacity,
The opinions of our employees and employee representatives are taken and their participation is ensured, eliminating dangers and reducing OHS risks with our safe, healthy working environment and controlled working conditions, and our employees' life philosophy to prevent occupational diseases and occupational accidents.
Our environment with our care for preventing pollution, supporting recycling and effective usage of sustainable resources,
Our society with our understanding of social responsibility and our ethical values,
Our country and world, by complying with related national and international legal, sectoral and other regulations,

We are committed to understanding their needs and expectations, evaluating the performance of our products, after-sales services and processes to increase satisfaction, continuously improving our system with our holistic leadership approach, and CREATING VALUE in everything we do.

On Behalf of All Employees;

Chief Executive Officer